Anchorage skating destinations

Alaska Anchorage Skating Destinations The Anchorage area has an active wild ice skating community and a hugely diverse range of skating destinations, from quiet alpine tarns to marshes to glacial lakes studded with icebergs. Below is a list of some … Read More

Wild ice grading system

Wild Ice Wild Ice Grading System The skating surface of wild ice is graded from A to F. This grade refers only to the surface quality of the ice–not thickness, safety, aesthetics, or other factors. Wild Ice Grades A Clear, … Read More

Backpacking Denali National Park Unit 10

« Trip Reports on Backpacking Denali National Park Unit 10 30-mile adventure in Denali National Park Backcountry Unit 10, West Branch Upper Toklat River August 21-23, 2020 In my experience, many outdoorsy Alaskans have spent more time in Yosemite … Read More

Rainy Day Chugach Traverse

« Trip Reports on Rainy Day Chugach Traverse 27.5-mile traverse through the heart of central Chugach State Park July 25-26, 2020 I looked at the forecast again. “I don’t really feel like going,” I told my girlfriend. “You need … Read More

Packrafting the Escalante River

Trip Reports on Packrafting the Escalante River A 69.9-mile low-flow packrafting adventure down southern Utah’s Escalante River May 26-29, 2020 “You’re a little late,” the woman at the Escalante Visitor Center told me over the phone. The Escalante River, … Read More

The Bomber Traverse Map [wholesale]

Current edition of the Bomber Traverse Map in wholesale quantities. Wholesale orders are delivered by hand.

Please do not place a wholesale order unless you are an approved wholesaler.

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Castner Glacier ice caves

« Trip Reports on Castner Glacier Ice Caves Three Jan-Feb 2020 trips to the Castner Glacier ice caves January 25, January 30, and February 4, 2020 The word “otherworldly” gets used a lot when describing outdoor places, and it’s … Read More

Point 4630: An After-Work Microadventure

« Trip Reports on Point 4630: An After-Work Microadventure 12.9-mile after-work solo scramble up the north face of Point 4630 August 12, 2019 The term “microadventure” was coined (or at least popularized) by British adventurer Alastair Humphreys, who defined … Read More

Current Packraft Companies

Packraft History Current Packraft Companies Below is an alphabetical directory of established companies in the packraft industry. Aire USA Maker of the unique BAKraft packraft line. BAKraft packrafts feature self-bailing cockpits and separate air chambers inside Vectran fabric tubes. … Read More

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