Books by Tonja Woelber

Glacier Blue and Tundra Songs Two books of poetry by Tonja Woelber. Available on Amazon today for $15 each. Glacier Blue Tundra Songs

Tutka Front Door

« Trip Reports on Tutka Front Door 27 miles backpacking between Tutka Bay and Seldovia, Alaska July 22-24, 2023 The plan was to hike the Tutka Backdoor Trail, an Alaska-trendy multiday traverse through the mountains between Taylor Bay, on … Read More

Sunrise Mountain

« Trip Reports on Sunrise Mountain Backpacking Sunrise Mountain, in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska June 18-19, 2023 Growing up, my family spent time in Hope, Alaska almost every summer. We skipped beach rocks on the ocean and watched … Read More

Skating Skilak Lake

« Trip Reports on Skating Skilak Lake A 40-mile wild ice overnight on the Kenai Peninsula January 31-February 1, 2023 Wild ice is notoriously fickle and fleeting. Would-be skaters might clear their schedules, pack their bags, and drive hours … Read More

Long-Range Bomber Traverse

« Trip Reports on Long-Range Bomber Traverse Eska Falls → Dnigi Hut → Holden Hut → Bomber Hut → Reed Lakes July 29-August 1, 2022 There is something unmistakably fantastical about the Talkeetna Mountains. The peaks are black and … Read More

Adak Island Map [wholesale]

Current edition of the Adak Island Map in wholesale quantities. Wholesale orders are delivered by hand.

Please do not place a wholesale order unless you are an approved wholesaler.

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Fattire Biking Knik Glacier

Fattire Biking Knik Glacier Produced by Cale Green and Paxson Woelber Completion: May 2018 Runtime: 2:02 Shooting location: Knik Glacier, Alaska Music: Odesza, Higher Ground Special thanks to Anchorage Helicopter Tours and 9:ZERO:7 Screenshots

Southwest Road Trip

Southwest Road Trip Five days around the American Southwest in two and a half minutes. Completion: October 2012 Runtime: 2:40 Format: 960×720 pixels, 29.97 frames per second Capture: Nikon D5000 Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder Shooting … Read More

Backpacking the Zion Narrows

« Trip Reports on Backpacking the Zion Narrows A “top-down” backpacking trip in the Zion Narrows, in Utah’s Zion National Park May 9-10, 2022 On May 8, 2022, Cale Green, Ryan Stassel and I drove into Zion National Park … Read More

Zebra Canyon and Tunnel Canyon

« Trip Reports on Zebra Canyon and Tunnel Canyon Exploring two gems in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument May 3-4, 2022 In 2021, Yosemite National Park saw 3.29 million visitors–an average of 9,014 visitors per day. Grand Canyon National Park … Read More

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