The World Beyond the World

The World Beyond the World

Using text adapted from Robert Marshalls “Alaska Wilderness: Exploring the Brooks Range” (1929) and images from Expedition Arguk (2013), “The World Beyond the World” aims to celebrate that most ancient and sublime of human pleasures: moving through a mysterious, beautiful, and unknown landscape.

In 2013, Expedition Arguk walked and packrafted across 300 miles of wilderness in the Alaska Arctic in order to report on Arctic issues and create public-use media from this far-off but increasingly important region. “The World Beyond the World” was shot during the first third of our trip, which took place entirely in Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Gates of the Arctic is the second-largest US National Park, but its extraordinary remoteness and challenging weather mean that the Park sees relatively few visitors. There are no guidebooks, trails, campgrounds, or roads.

Most of the photos that make up this film are available for 100% free, unrestricted public use at

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  • Text adapted from Alaska Wilderness by Robert Marshall
  • Photography, editing, and text adaptation: Paxson Woelber
  • Voice acting: Bruce Baylee Johnson
  • Music: Flickr, by Origamibiro

Technical Information & Press Kit

Completion Date: April 2014
Runtime: 3:25
Format: 1920×768 HD, square pixels, 29.97 frames per second
Capture: Nikon D7100 with Nikon 55-200mm and Tokina 11-17mm lenses
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder

Please click here to download a copy of the Press Kit in PDF format

Expedition Participants


Paxson Woelber


Luke Douglas


Jason Mercer


Chelsea Ward-Waller


Brett Woelber

Expedition Supporters

“The World Beyond the World” was made possible through generous crowdfunding and sponsorship for Expedition Arguk.

Official Sponsors

  • The American Alpine Club – Fischer-Kellogg Memorial Grant
  • Sierra Club Alaska Chapter
  • American Packrafting Association
  • Alaska Wilderness League
  • Northern Alaska Packrafts
  • Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge
  • Black Rock Gear
  • Ground Truth Trekking
  • Nature’s Bakery
  • Mary Jane’s Farm

Special Thanks

  • Roman Dial
  • Hig Higman & Erin McKittrick
  • Ed Plumb
  • Lindsey Hajduk

Producer-level Funders

  • Nan and Bill Harris
  • Kristin Harris
  • Tim Douglas
  • Stephen Waller
  • Preston O’Connell
  • Cully Cavness


  • Nate Randall
  • Mark Hirschman
  • Chris Mutty
  • Neal Auchter
  • Carolyn Kozak
  • Bill Souser
  • Erik Woelber
  • Bora Repishti
  • Lily Lewis
  • Ellie Spangler
  • Jon Bittner
  • Allan R. Johnson
  • Russell Griggs
  • Milou Lammers
  • Heidi Marie
  • Matt Bergt
  • Tony Lewkowski
  • Gregory Pence
  • Jona Repishti
  • Jennifer Amy Homer-Hynes
  • Sean Meany
  • Sam Harrison
  • Keith Williams
  • Timothy Treuer
  • Wookie Kim
  • Ben Meyer
  • Anthony
  • Preston O’Connell
  • Margo Cramer
  • Tad Davenport
  • Karl Olav
  • Michael West
  • Victor Guevara
  • Cully Cavness
  • Tonja Woelber
  • Becca Wachter
  • Emerson White
  • Kyle Cunningham
  • Tim Douglas
  • Nelson Stegall
  • Stephen Waller
  • Hilary Hilscher
  • Helene Smart
  • Ryan snyder
  • Rachel Puttmann
  • George London
  • Lucas Swart
  • Brett J. Frazer
  • Theodore Dickerson
  • Emily Cohn
  • Rebecca Taber
  • Haik Kavookjian
  • Daniel Chow
  • Sierra Winegarner
  • Hannah Garett
  • Ryan Kenny
  • Franklin B Rymon
  • Samuel Gottstein
  • Ernstine Lammers
  • Coco Lammers
  • Stephen Heck
  • Diane Whiffen
  • Chris Macpherson
  • Kristin Harris
  • Tim Prigg
  • Michel Lee
  • Kara Lathrop
  • Annie Brownlee
  • Whitney Bausch
  • Ari Silverman
  • Johanna Douglas
  • Claire McIlvennie
  • Mary Purdey
  • David Reymondet