Rainy Day Chugach Traverse

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Rainy Day Chugach Traverse 27.5-mile traverse through the heart of central Chugach State Park July 25-26, 2020 I looked at the forecast again. “I don’t really feel like going,” I told my girlfriend. “You need … Read More

Castner Glacier ice caves

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Castner Glacier Ice Caves Three Jan-Feb 2020 trips to the Castner Glacier ice caves January 25, January 30, and February 4, 2020 The word “otherworldly” gets used a lot when describing outdoor places, and it’s … Read More

Tokositna to Talkeetna

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Tokositna to Talkeetna A 68.5-mile packraft trip down the Tokositna, Chulitna and Susistna Rivers, from the Peters Hills to Talkeetna July 13-14, 2019 Some weekends are just weekends, and others are a week of adventure … Read More

Portage Glacier Calving

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Portage Glacier Calving Report and analysis of a March 2019 calving event at Portage Glacier March 6, 2019 There are many metaphors for the sound of a glacier calving: A rifle going off. Trains colliding. … Read More

Cantata Boots and Boats

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Cantata Boots and Boats 20.3-mile hike and packraft loop around Cantata Peak, in Alaska’s Chugach State Park September 8, 2018 The September 2018 heatwave was so intense that Alaskans started referring to it as a … Read More

Blackbird Traverse

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Blackbird Traverse 25.3-mile variation on the Bomber Traverse backpacking route, in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska August 24-26, 2019 In early August I found myself at the Snowbird Glacier Hut, poring over the Bomber Traverse … Read More

The Bad Kash Traverse

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com The Bad Kash Traverse 36.6-mile attempt to run the Kashwitna River, in the Talkeetna Mountains June 30-July 4, 2018 Some trip reports are inspiring. Some are informative. Others are warnings. On the last day of … Read More

McHugh Peak Incident 232

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com McHugh Peak Incident 232 Winter camping on the west summit of McHugh Peak December 22-23, 2016 I’m always bummed when adventure buddies leave Alaska, but there is a silver lining. Homesickness builds up until it’s … Read More

Cirque de Bird

« Trip Reports on Winterbear.com Cirque de Bird Late fall mini-epic through Chugach State Park September 27, 2016 A few things I’m thankful for: clean running water, wool socks, and friends who don’t blink when you ask them if they … Read More

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