Hestra Heli

Purchased winter 2016, reviewed March 2017 The Hestra Heli is the flagship ski glove from Swedish glovemaker Hestra, which calls it “a modern classic with many uses.” Look around at any ski resort and you’ll spot the distinctive two-tone Heli … Read More

North Suicide Peak

North Suicide Peak is a rugged 5,065-foot pyramid at the head of Rabbit Valley, near the southwest corner of Chugach State Park. North Suicide and South Suicide Peak are connected by a wind-swept col halfway between their bases at Rabbit Lake and their virtually equal-heighted summits, inviting an allusion to Siamese twins connected at the hips.… Read More

Feathered Friends Down Booties

Purchased December 2016, reviewed December 2016, updated February 2017 My first test of these booties came on winter solstice in Alaska, on the west summit of McHugh Peak. The thermometer read -10 degrees, not factoring in the wind pouring over … Read More

McHugh Peak Incident 232

I’m always bummed when adventure buddies leave Alaska, but there is a silver lining. Homesickness builds up until it’s almost explosive, and as soon as wayward friends return stateside they’re often up for the most outlandish, ambitious, and half-conceived plans. … Read More

Rainbow Peak

I often think of Rainbow Peak as a kind of “Flattop for locals.” Both peaks are easily accessible from Anchorage, take a half day or less to climb, and are almost the same height (3,543′ for Rainbow and 3,510′ for Flattop). Both sit on the edge of Chugach State Park and punch above their weight in terms of views. But Rainbow is without a doubt a longer, more difficult (and arguably, more rewarding) venture.… Read More

Cirque de Bird

A few things I’m thankful for: clean running water, wool socks, and friends who don’t blink when you ask them if they can get up at 5am to go hiking. With the snow making an earnest effort to take the … Read More

Ptarmigan Peak

Ptarmigan Peak (4,911 ft.) Via the Rabbit Lake trailhead: 7 miles round trip, 3,250 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3. My time: 3.5 hours Via the Glen Alps trailhead: 10 miles round trip, 3,140 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3 … Read More

Eagle Peak

Eagle Peak (6,909 ft.) South face route: 10.2 miles each way, 5,470 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3+. My time: 14 hours round trip ▼KMZ South ridge route: 10.8 miles each way, 5,790 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3+. My … Read More

South Suicide Peak

South Suicide Peak (5,005 ft.) Via the Rabbit Creek Trailhead, West Ridge Route: 6 miles each way, 3,560 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 2+. My time: 5 hours round trip▼KMZ Via the Rabbit Creek Trailhead, Hauser’s Gully Route: 5.5 miles … Read More

Penguin Ridge

Penguin Ridge Full ridge 14.9 miles one way, 8,660 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3. My time: 12 hours ▼KMZ Driving the Seward Highway between Anchorage and Girdwood, you can’t help but notice the long ridge between Bird and Girdwood. … Read More

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