Current Packraft Companies

Packraft History Current Packraft Companies Below is an alphabetical directory of established companies in the packraft industry. Aire USA Maker of the unique BAKraft packraft line. BAKraft packrafts feature self-bailing cockpits and separate air chambers inside Vectran fabric tubes. … Read More

Cockpit Configurations

Anatomy of a Packraft Cockpit Configurations The cockpit of a packraft is the area in which a paddler sits. There are three broad categories of packraft cockpits: open boats, decked boats, and self-bailers. No one cockpit type is necessarily best, … Read More

Tokositna to Talkeetna

68.5-mile packraft trip down the Tokositna, Chulitna and Susistna Rivers, from the Peters Hills to Talkeetna Some weekends are just weekends, and others are a week of adventure ratcheted down to a couple days. In July 2019, Brett Woelber, Tim … Read More

The Wedge

The Wedge(4,660 ft.) Ridge Route: 5.5 miles each way, 2,939 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3. ▼KMZ Ship Lake Pass Route: 6.4 miles each way, 2,766 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 2-. ▼KMZ The Wedge isn’t exactly an unknown peak: … Read More

Portage Glacier Calving

Report and analysis of a March 2019 calving event at Portage Glacier There are many metaphors for the sound of a glacier calving: A rifle going off. Trains colliding. The crash and roll of thunder. None of these descriptions fully … Read More

Bold Peak

Bold Peak(7,600 ft.) Stivers’ Gully Route: 14.7 miles each way, 7,561 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3-c4. My time: 10.5 hours round trip ▼KMZ Bold Peak’s cliff-laced summit towers over the southeast end of Eklutna Lake, and to a casual … Read More

Cantata Boots and Boats

20.3-mile hike and packraft loop around Cantata Peak, in Alaska’s Chugach State Park The September 2018 heatwave was so intense that Alaskans started referring to it as a new season: Second Summer. High-temperature records across the state were shattered, and … Read More

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