During the Alaska winter, most bears drift off into hibernation and sleep the cold, dark months away. But not all of them. Winter Bears are those that wake up during the winter and venture outside, looking for food and (maybe?) just some winter excitement. The Winter Bear represents tenacity, adventure, and ingenuity; the zeal to get off your bum and out of your den to explore the world, no matter the circumstances.

I built this website to share adventures, especially longer trips in Alaska. It includes a few newspaper and magazine articles I’ve written, photos, videos, and creative projects. Much of the content on this website (especially photos) can be freely shared under creative commons licensing. I’m also including sections of tips and advice on gear and places. Even in Alaska, many places remain unvisited and virtually unknown. The trails are long, and the maps are bad. But the payoffs in this state, if you get out there and make it work, can be life-changing. For those who would like a little assist with trip planning, I hope that some of this information is helpful.

The Winterbear logotype was created by Jay Ryan, of the Bird Machine. Jay has created amazing illustrations for Iron and Wine, Michael Chabon, and Wes Anderson. To see more work from the Bird Machine, click here.

My photo on the sidebar was taken by Cori Graves at Outland Creative.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Enjoy!

-Paxson Woelber