The Wedge

The Wedge(4,660 ft.) Ridge Route: 5.5 miles each way, 2,939 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3. ▼KMZ Ship Lake Pass Route: 6.4 miles each way, 2,766 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 2-. ▼KMZ The Wedge isn’t exactly an unknown peak: … Read More

Portage Glacier Calving

There are many metaphors for the sound of a glacier calving. A rifle going off, trains colliding, the crash and roll of thunder. None of these descriptions fully capture the sound, but they all suggest one thing: a sense of … Read More

Bold Peak

Bold Peak(7,600 ft.) Stivers’ Gully Route: 14.7 miles each way, 7,561 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3-c4. My time: 10.5 hours round trip ▼KMZ Bold Peak’s cliff-laced summit towers over the southeast end of Eklutna Lake, and to a casual … Read More



Fjällräven Abisko Trail T-Shirt

Purchased September 2017, reviewed August 2018 The Abisko Trail T-Shirt is a “lightweight trekking” lyocell-blend base layer from Swedish company Fjällräven. At $60 retail this is about as expensive as a short-sleeved base layer top gets, but last year I … Read More

Blackbird Traverse

In early August I found myself at the Snowbird Glacier Hut, poring over the Bomber Traverse Map with three Canadian women who had just made it to the hut in the middle of a storm. Wind shook the hut and … Read More

The Bad Kash Traverse

Some trip reports are inspiring. Some are informative. Others are warnings. On the last day of June, 2018, Brett Woelber, Dre Benitez and I set out to float the Kashwitna River via the MCA’s Holden Hut site in the Talkeetna … Read More

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