Assorted tales of treks, trudges, and accidental epics in the wild.

Incident 232 (12/23/2016) - I’m always bummed when adventure buddies leave Alaska, but there is a silver lining. Homesickness builds up until it’s almost explosive, and as soon as wayward friends return stateside they’re often up for the most outlandish, ambitious, and half-conceived plans. … Read More
Cirque de Bird (9/27/2016) - A few things I’m thankful for: clean running water, wool socks, and friends who don’t blink when you ask them if they can get up at 5am to go hiking. With the snow making an earnest effort to take the … Read More
Eagle to Peters (8/26/2016) - August is a tricky time of year for hiking in the Chugach. The early-season excitement of May and endless daylight of June are long past, and the weather tends to turn a little moody. It’s easy to look up at … Read More


Longer, remote wilderness trips.

Expedition Arguk

300 mile backpacking and packraft expedition across the Alaska arctic, from the Brooks Range Mountains to the Arctic Ocean. Sponsored by the American Alpine Club, Sierra Club, and Northern Alaska Packrafts. Media featured in the Atlantic, Vimeo, and National Geographic.

Cinders to Sea

Trek and packraft across the Alaska Peninsula, from the north Pacific over the Aleutian volcanoes, down the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, and out to Bristol Bay. Sponsored by Kokopelli Packrafts and Outdoor Research.