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Head shot of Paxson Woelber


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Intel on Alaska hikes, climbs, paddles, bushwacks, and tumbles.

Rainbow Peak (12/2/2016) - Rainbow Peak (3,543 ft.) Turnagain Arm (south ridge) route: 5.2 miles round trip, 3,580 ft. elevation gain. Class 3- difficulty. My time: 4 hours I often think of Rainbow Peak as a kind of “Flattop for locals.” Both peaks are … Read More
McHugh Peak (10/17/2016) - McHugh Peak Bear Valley route (North Ridge): 5.4 miles round trip, 2,300 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 2s3+. My time: 2.5 hours Rabbit Creek routes (East Ridge): ~10 miles round trip, ~2,900 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 2+s3+. My time: … Read More
Ptarmigan Peak (9/21/2016) - Ptarmigan Peak (4,911 ft.) Via the Rabbit Lake trailhead: 7 miles round trip, 3,250 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3. My time: 3.5 hours Via the Glen Alps trailhead: 10 miles round trip, 3,140 ft. elevation gain. Difficulty: Class 3 … Read More